Workers United New York — New Jersey Regional Joint Board


I SUPPORT NAIL SALON WORKERS ORGANIZING FOR JUSTICE! Keep me informed of campaign developments and ways to get involved.


“Across the country countless workers in the nail salon industry, mainly immigrant women, toil in misery and ill health for meager pay, usually with no overtime, abused by employers who show little or no consideration for their safety and well-being.” -- (NYT 5/11/15)

Workers United, NY NJ Regional Joint Board is excited to announce the launch of the Nail Salon Organizing Project. By joining with community-based organizations fighting for the rights of nail salon workers, our Union has become an important resource for nail salon workers who are organizing to change their conditions. Their lives mirror the story of so many workers in our nation.

Over the last century, our Union has helped workers organize to change working conditions for thousands of workers.
We are proud to be the Union partner in this critical movement.

“We are dedicating ourselves to a campaign to change the standards in the industry, to make these good jobs that help people support their families. These workers, whose lives are spent making people feel beautiful, have a right to healthy workplaces and living wages. They have a right to respect and a voice on the job without fear of retaliation. Our Union is committed to helping all nail salon workers achieve those goals”

Julie Kelly, General Manager, NY NJ Regional Joint Board, Workers United.